Text Mining in Browser


  • Readability analysis
  • Keyword extraction
  • Sentiment detection
  • Word defintions
  • Synonyms

What TextMine Does

TextMine provides text mining utilities such as language detection, auto-summarization, keywords extraction and more.

Use the editor to mine text. We're working toward providing API's so you can do more with TextMine.

We love text and we're passionate about finding what makes great writing.

How It Works

TextMine is built on great open-source initiatives:

- Wordnet Dictionary by Princeton University "About WordNet." Princeton University. 2010.

- Prose library for text processing by Joseph Kato - see more about Prose

- Goml Machine Learning framework by Conner DiPaolo - see more about Goml

Take It With You

The TextMine Chrome Extension gets you instant analytics on selected text all over the Web
Using TextMine
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